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Marja who? (Introduction in English)

Hi, I'm Marja! I am a deputy city councillor, chairperson of the Helsinki Council on Disability, renewable energy professional and mother from Vuosaari. My Helsinki is a pioneer in mitigating climate change and promoting the equality of its city dwellers.

I am an environmental scientist by training and have worked on climate change for fifteen years. Helsinki’s emissions are not declining fast enough. By including the activities of energy utility Helen as part of the Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035 program, the city can amp up its climate efforts.

Equality has been an important theme for me especially since I became the mother of a disabled child. Helsinki is not good enough in providing people with the services they need. People with disabilities must get assistance and special needs children must get the support they need at school. Resources for services like child protection, mental health care, and care for the elderly need to be improved.

I live in Vuosaari and I want the eastern suburbs to be better represented in the decision-making bodies of Helsinki. Vuosaari currently has 40,000 inhabitants but only one city councillor. Services have not kept pace with the rapid growth growth of Vuosaari. Doctors’ appointments and children’s daycare must be available in also fast-growing neighbourhoods.

Protecting the urban nature combines the themes important for me: green spaces contribute to the city’s climate goals and help combat spatial segregation. Access to nearby nature belongs to everyone.

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